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Solutions dedicated to global credit sectors, since 2001.

York Capital’s Credit strategies harness a 18-strong global team with more than 30 years of experience in navigating complex stressed and distressed investing situations throughout global markets and sectors.

Our credit team leverages a deep network of industry and legal contacts, as well as York’s scale, to seek to gain influence and benefit from positive sourcing dynamics. We apply a flexible approach across the credit spectrum and market cycles and seek to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated to broader markets.

*As of July 1, 2021. Does not include any liquidating accounts.



Total assets under management for York’s Credit strategy*



York’s Credit team solutions dedicated to global credit sectors


Number of dedicated Credit team members

Our approach.

York deploys an opportunistic credit strategy, rather than adhering to a strict mandate.

Here are some of the ways our credit team approaches the credit sector:

  • Seek to accurately price in risk.

    Continuously seek enhanced upside and limit downside when pricing risk into portfolios.

  • Concentrate on the best opportunities.

    Seek to contruct highly focused portfolios that seek attractive return opportunities in mispriced and event-driven credits.

  • Influence the restructuring/reorganization process.

    Constructively engage with boards and committees to seek to add value to distressed/stressed companies.

  • Formulate comprehensive long-term outlooks.

    Commit to long-term visions for distressed companies to help avoid impulsive reactions to market volatility.

  • Focus on good businesses with bad balance sheets.

    Hunt for opportunities that are the result of idiosyncratic or cyclical problems, as well as those experiencing secular challenges.

  • Actively manage the portfolio to seek to optimize returns.

    Monitor evolving market conditions that may impact value, and promptly exit positions to create the opportunity to capitalize on more appealing mispriced opportunities.

  • Participate in smaller, off-the-run situations.

    Seek to access opportunities typically inaccessible to conventional high-yield managers.